Nodehydr hydraulic tools

Hangzhou Fuyang Nord Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the famous China hydraulic tool manufacturers, is located in the beautiful Fuchun River - Fuyang. Nord brand hydraulic tools, at present, the company relies on advanced production technology and management philosophy, determined to a high starting point, high technology, high efficiency for the purpose, committed to the production of high quality, high taste, diversified products to cater to the international trend, our main products include high pressure hand pump, electric pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic wrench torque wrench, pneumatic pump, hydraulic pump, screw tension machine, hydraulic components distributor, etc..


Our vision

One of the famous manufacturers of hydraulic tools in China

Our quality

Committed to the production of high quality, high taste, diversified goods

Our promise

Firmly aim at high starting point, high technology and high efficiency

Customer Service

Provide 1 years warranty for product quality problems caused by material defects or machining defects.

This warranty does not include normal wear, misuse, or heating of the product or component. Falling to the ground, being altered and used in the case of non related functions or being used in an unusual way

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Nodehydr hydraulic tools

Our main products include high and low pressure manual pumps, electric pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic wrenches, torque wrench pumps, pneumatic hydraulic pumps, helical stretcher, distributor, hydraulic components